Travel Guide

List of things to carry: 1. Khaki/Neutral colured clothes 2. Head Scarf for dust cover 3. Hat 4. Sun Glasses 5. Sun tan lotions 6. Binoculars 7. Note pad & […]

Things to Carry

Please find below India specific travel tips and why choose Mogli Resorts? We advise travelers on minimising impact on sensitive ecosystems. We shall help travelers prepare for encounters with native […]

India Specific Travel Tips

Get there – in a safe and environmentally sound way: Protest if your taxi/bus is emitting excessive smoke. Refuse to ride in such vehicles if you have an alternative. Car-pool […]

Eco Travel

Tips for Responsible Travel, suggestions to visitors: Avoid any form of pollution with in the Park either air, soil or water. Keep reasonable distance from all animals. Stay at a […]

Responsible Travel

Once you are there, you should: Limit deforestation – make no open fires and discourage others from doing so. A small careless fire can destroy an entire forest. Where water […]

Do’s & Dont’s

India is rich with flora fauna. Flora fauna loosely translates to the bio-diversity of plants and animals. Study of flora fauna is covered under various sciences like botany, zoology and […]

Flora & Fauna