India Specific Travel Tips

Please find below India specific travel tips and why choose Mogli Resorts?

  • We advise travelers on minimising impact on sensitive ecosystems.
  • We shall help travelers prepare for encounters with native animals and plants.
  • We actively participate in prevention of environmental desecration.
  • We use adequate leadership and maintain groups small enough to ensure minimum impact on destinations.

More Tips:

There are no facilities to change traveller’s cheques in Kanha & Bandhavgarh. These places are in the heart of tribal India. It is important that guests are sensitive and considerate to the local culture.
While travelling in India – unless you are eating at the best hotels and restaurants, avoid raw vegetables, salads, unpeeled fruit, raw shellfish, cream, or ice cubes. Drink only bottled or purified water.


Medical insurance is recommended and vaccinations are advised for Hepatites, Polio, Typhoid and Tetanus. A course of anti-malaria (e.g. Proguanil or Paludrine plus Chloroquine) is also strongly recommended.

Things to Bring:

A mini first aid kit, which should include bandaids, pain killers, diarrhoea tablets, antihistamine, sterile syringes, needles and satures. Medicines are readily available in India but it’s good to have an emergency kit with you.

Small towel, flannel and a bar of soap.
Comfortable shoes, hats and sunglasses.

Clothes should not be revealing or off the shoulder. Safari-style, casual and comfortable clothing are advised for your stay at Kipling Camp and for travelling in India. Smarter day clothes and casual evening outfits are needed in the cities. Warm clothes (including jackets, hats and gloves) are necesary for the cold evenings between November to early March. A thermal vest is useful for the months of December and January. Avoid bright colors for jungle trips.

Sun protection lotion, sun hat, insect repellent, and cosmetics.

Camera & binoculars, also bring all the film you may need for your camera. Binoculars are advised for wildlife viewing.

Liquor – Indian beer is good and readily available, but wine is scarce and only found in major cities. There are Indian made spirits galore, but it is advisable to bring your favourite tipple with you, especially if it is Scotch.

Useful miscellaneous items include a spare pair of glasses or contact lenses (if you wear them), an alarm clock, small torch, and a money belt.

In case of any safety related issues, do not hesitate to immediately approach the authorities.