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Mogli Resorts -The Jungle Experience,
is well established. and reputed hospitality brand in jungles of central India.

Both our properties and are beautifully laid out over vast area of forest. We deliver the wilderness experience, which is second to none. Our team of experienced, and trained local staff are known for their hospitality. Between 1997 and 2021, we have been awarded for our excellence by various partners.

You are invited to experience our hospitality, services and more.

Giant saal trees, mist over meadows,foliage, peacock displaying their feathers, chirping of birds, rutting call of sambhar, langurs jumping, Indian roller and drongo doing aerial stunts, Guide and drivers discussing about the movement and suddenly langurs and cheetal starts calling for the king's arrival. and a then, a loud growl of the king, Tiger and the entire jungle becomes alive. A lot more happens in safari. Book a safari now with us.


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